Duke's QandAV 0.13 beta

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Topic: Klimawandel

**** NOTE: This program is not very suitable for smartphones yet. Tablets should work. ****

Imagine you have 1000 people in a hall and want them to discuss a topic. There are basically three ways to do that:

  1. Let only one person talk at a time. Very inefficient, but at least you can record a result.
  2. Let everybody talk in groups of say 2-5. You get high redundancy and NO result.
  3. Divide the topic into subtopics and assign the people. You will suffer from either #1 or #2. Or both.

This little experiment tries to create a tool that allows for a much higher number of persons, say a whole nation, to

  1. discuss a topic (nearly) at the same time
  2. (nearly) avoid redundancy
  3. document the whole discussion in a structured way
  4. get a result they voted for
  5. while the whole process is peer-moderated.

However, these benefits come at a price. People will have to learn how to discuss in a VERY structured way. Think: Two persons have a discussion in an interview style. One person asks the questions, the other answers them. In the interview you can use questions and answers from discussions of other people.


06.10.2019: Version 0.13 you can now add descriptions for answers

24.09.2019: Version 0.12 you can now jump to a question from the tree view

16.09.2019: Version 0.11 users can now request moderation for questions

12.09.2019: Version 0.10 Technical/bugfix release

07.09.2019: Version 0.9 Technical/bugfix release

25.08.2019: Version 0.8 Visualized voting of you and the majority in the tree view

18.08.2019: Version 0.7 Added voting for answers

12.08.2019: Version 0.6 Added function to 'more' menu to show unread questions

08.08.2019: Version 0.5 We now have a first simple version of the tree view

26.07.2019: Version 0.4 You can now enter 500 char descriptions for questions

14.07.2019: Version 0.3 Completely reworked the navigation

08.07.2019: Version 0.2 Added 'Info' menu with some online docs and 'More' menu to jump directly to questions

01.07.2019: Version 0.1 Core functions work


Andreas Herzog aka "Duke" : general design and programming.